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"This tour and presentation gives you an opportunity to hear a Maori leader talk about Maori history and about modern life in New Zealand. You'll hear the Maori language and see formal ceremonies if you're lucky. You'll be able to ask questions. It is a very different experience from the large cultural performances that you might see - which are nice too. If you want highly polished, regalia clad, scripted speakers, this might not be your thing. This experience gets a little more to the heart of every day modern Maori life and how that relates to the past. Whatever you think - please be respectful of everything you see and hear."


"Must do for visitors to NZ and locals alike. Stunning way to welcome the day. Learned a lot about local Maori culture, past and present, incredibly friendly and knowledgeable hosts, given a gift, planted a tree and had breakfast - all within a couple of hours of day break."


"From the minute we met Annette, she engaged our group of 6 with her warm and authentic Maori spirit. Visiting the sacred site and learning many details about its history was a perfect introduction to the beginning of our New Zealand arrival. Tamaki Hikoi also arranged to pick us up at our hotel and driver Casey was able to add more local colour of the city before dropping us off for lunch at Orbit 360 at the Sky Tower. Will definitely recommend to future clients"


"My experience was a treasure trove of Maori culture and history, from the earliest tribes until contemporary Maori people and culture in real time today. I experienced the spiritual essence of the community right along with everyday people going about their work. Folks were hospitable and kind enough to stop their work to offer coffee and scones, share their experiences and history. It was like walking into the future while looking backwards, as a Maori saying goes. If you want an authentic Maori experience with real people who are kind, generous and professional, this is the tour for you. You will not be disappointed!"


"Really interesting. We had Tom, our Maori guide, all to ourselves for this walk. The most challenging thing was to find the museum in the park where the walk was to start. Signage isn't a strong point in New Zealand. Having met up with Tom, we had a couple of hours with him explaining some of his culture and the use of the various plants. He was lovely. It seems that every plant has several uses. There are some magnificent specimens of plants and trees. Unfortunately we didn't leave ourselves enough time to visit the museum but from the small bit we did see it would be worth a visit."


"Our Maori guide was passionate about sharing information and interested in answering all of our questions. My husband and I felt very honored to be able to learn about the history, vibrant living culture, and beautiful land of Tamaki Hikoi. We would recommend this to anyone (couple, family, etc.) traveling to the area."


"We did the sunrise experience and we are so glad for it! We learned about Maori culture, their past and present, we planted a tree and then enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Everyone was kind and friendly and we felt as if we were among family. This is an experience that every visitor to New Zealand should try!"

Mary R

"It's an amazing tour! great way to experience and understand the Maori culture. They have the best view of the mission bay. The Maori people in the tribe were very nice and good looking.^^ The sound of Maori music instrument plus the beautiful sunrise there will just make it the most memorable moments in NZ. A must see tour!"