Michael Savage Memorial

Commemorating New Zealand's first Labour Prime Minister, Michael Joseph Savage.

The obelisk and mausoleum on Bastion Point, were erected to commemorate the first Labour Prime Minister, Michael Joseph Savage. Michael Joseph Savage became Prime Minister in 1935 and following his passing in Wellington, in 1940, was bought to Auckland and buried in one of the many gun emplacements on the whenua (land).

A competition was held shortly after his passing to design the memorial, which was then erected by Fletcher Construction from 1941-1942, before being formally opened in 1943.

Respected by both Māori and Pākehā alike, Savage’s Labour government made many changes which would become integral in New Zealand’s social development, including fixed prices for dairy, construction of state housing, enforced membership of unions, and forming a political alliance with the Rātana church which still stands today.