“This is an absolute must-do if you are visiting Auckland! Tui-Kay was amazing and even while telling the story of her tribe and showing us around her tribe’s land, she managed to make us feel very special and welcome. If you only do one tour while you’re here and want to learn first hand about the Maori culture, DO THIS!! You will not regret it”Susannah

“This experience is so special. It is one that you won’t get anywhere else. It went beyond my expectations. I like that we got to visit Tui-Kay’s village/home/community and learn the stories of resistance and preservation. It was beautiful.”Ronia

“This experience ought to be the very first thing a person does when visiting the area. It provides an essential grounding that feels good and provides a valuable perspective through which to learn about the histories of Aotearora. This tour is truly a gift to any visitor. Our guide was amazing and provided an excellent tour - making us feel super welcome. Please make your next step a booking of the tour. It is truly wonderful!”Scott and Crystal

“This tour actually ended up being conducted by Dane, a colleague of Tui-Kay. She had illness in her family so asked him to fill in. Dane was amazing! The tour was just with myself and my husband and we were given an amazing window into Maori life, culture, history, past present and future. Dane has chief lineage in this particular Maori tribe. He also is a professional human resources and business professional. So he brought all of this perspective to his guidance through this tribe's marae. We had previously experienced Maori dance, chanting, talks and the opportunity to interact on another marae. But with Dane we were able to talk with him, ask questions, here from his heart and great wisdom what the Maori have expereinced since coming to NZ and what their future holds. We are sure others would experience something similar with Tui Kay. After 3 weeks of tours, experiences, guides, etc, this experience at the end of our trip was the best!!”Deborah

“If you want to understand New Zealand, learn about the Maori. This experience gave a tour of s significant milestone in the progress of the Maori people reclaiming their lands. It put a lot of the history of both the land and the people into context. The location was the site of a 1977 peaceful occupation of the Michael Savage Memorial which lead to a re-integration of the Maori into the public affairs of New Zealand. This was a great lesson in history and culture in a beautiful setting on the East side of Auckland. I was able to walk there from the viaduct. Waimarie was my guide and did an excellent job. She had a rule that I had to teach her as she taught me; we shared a great deal which brought us together. She showed me not only the history of the Maori, but the area we walked through was the land of her direct ancestors. It made it very personal and meaningful. It was good way to start my trip to New Zealand. She started and ended the experience with a Maori blessing which was very uplifting.”Frank

“We enjoyed the personal knowledge and experience of Tui Kay. We examined a number of interesting g topics and learned about Maori tradition and history.”Kenneth

“What a wonderful and special afternoon that I got to spend with Tui-Kay. I got lucky and I was the only one on the tour which made it even more amazing. Tui-Kay has a genuine love of her tribe and desire to share their history. I learned a ton and left feeling in awe at the community that is being created. This tour is a very unique way to learn more about the history and life of the Māori people. You are able to do so in a genuine way that doesn’t feel artificial like some traditional tourists experiences. Highly recommend this tour if you want to immerse yourself and learn more about this local Māori tribe, you will be in excellent hands with Tui-Kay!”Natalie

“This is not you typical walking tour experience. Others speak about the history of a place Tui-Kay speaks of her family’s history. She is a warm and welcoming, world traveler who is well educated and an active member of her community working toward future goals to improve the quality of life for her tribal family. She comes from a long line of peaceful social activist who have made history through commitment and tenacity. It’s wonderful to see the restoration projects including the plantings of the native trees on their site. Our time together was special and a memory made for a lifetime.”Wanda

“Our Maori guide was Graeme. He was very professional, friendly and informative. We are both teachers and know a good pro when we see one! Superb views of Auckland; we learnt so much of the History and Geography of the area, as well as excellent insights into the Maori culture. Thanks again! Everyone should do this tour!”Patrick Margaret

“Amazing way to learn about the history of Auckland and see the city from above. A big thanks to our guide Jaime who was knowledgeable and friendly who answered all our questions.”Lou

“Excellent and highly informative We were extremely pleased with our time with Jamie on this tour. He is Maori and therefore could share with us his personal history and experiences, We knew we would be having only a short time in Auckland before embarking on a two week tour of New Zealand. We wanted to be sure to learn something about the Maori people and therefore had booked this tour. It was extremely helpful, informative and inspiring. We highly recommend this for anyone who wants to learn and appreciate the history of the Maori.”Joan, Vancouver

“Wonderful Jamie, our guide was extremely informative, passionate and knowledgeable. We were told about the history and culture of the Maori, some of their hardships, their struggles, and how they are preparing for the future. This tour is highly recommended.”Visitor, Quebec

“We did the sunrise experience and we are so glad for it! We learned about Maori culture, their past and present, we planted a tree and then enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Everyone was kind and friendly and we felt as if we were among family. This is an experience that every visitor to New Zealand should try!”Mary, Japan

“It's an amazing tour! great way to experience and understand the Maori culture. They have the best view of the mission bay. The Maori people in the tribe were very nice and good looking.^^ The sound of Maori music instrument plus the beautiful sunrise there will just make it the most memorable moments in NZ. A must see tour!”Geng767

“There were lots of people on Mount Eden and you can certainly walk to the top yourself and have gorgeous views of Auckland. But to have a local guide is even better. Rebecca was our guide for the afternoon and she was delightful. From giving us the history of the Maori tribes, the names and meanings of the mountain and other volcanoes in the area, the native trees and their historical uses, information about Auckland today, stories about growing up in Auckland, it is so worth it to hire a guide. We stopped several times as she pointed out deep depressions in the ground and explained their significance. We wouldn’t have even noticed otherwise. We took the city bus, #27 from our hotel to Mount Eden. It was a bit of a steep hike to get to the kiosk to meet Rebecca especially after getting lost. There don’t seem to be any signs in the park and we had to ask many people where the tea house/kiosk was. Most people didn’t know. In hind sight we should have taken a taxi as there is a parking lot right at the kiosk. Highly recommend this tour.”Visitor, Calgary

“Our best decision was booking the cultural walking tour on Mount Eden. Jaime was a fantastic guide--impeccably well informed, generous in sharing information with us and open to answering our many questions. We saw parallels with our own country and began to see New Zealand through Maori as well as European eyes. This tour set the tone for the following four weeks of our trip and we were grateful.”Sandra, Toronto, Canada

“This tour and presentation gives you an opportunity to hear a Maori leader talk about Maori history and about modern life in New Zealand. You'll hear the Maori language and see formal ceremonies if you're lucky. You'll be able to ask questions. It is a very different experience from the large cultural performances that you might see - which are nice too. If you want highly polished, regalia clad, scripted speakers, this might not be your thing. This experience gets a little more to the heart of every day modern Maori life and how that relates to the past. Whatever you think - please be respectful of everything you see and hear.”Foodie Lover

“Must do for visitors to NZ and locals alike. Stunning way to welcome the day. Learned a lot about local Maori culture, past and present, incredibly friendly and knowledgeable hosts, given a gift, planted a tree and had breakfast - all within a couple of hours of day break.”Visitor, Auckland

“From the minute we met Annette, she engaged our group of 6 with her warm and authentic Maori spirit. Visiting the sacred site and learning many details about its history was a perfect introduction to the beginning of our New Zealand arrival. Will definitely recommend to future clients.”Visitor, Florida

“My experience was a treasure trove of Maori culture and history, from the earliest tribes until contemporary Maori people and culture in real time today. I experienced the spiritual essence of the community right along with everyday people going about their work. Folks were hospitable and kind enough to stop their work to offer coffee and scones, share their experiences and history. It was like walking into the future while looking backwards, as a Maori saying goes. If you want an authentic Maori experience with real people who are kind, generous and professional, this is the tour for you. You will not be disappointed!”Kay, New York

“Really interesting. We had Tom, our Maori guide, all to ourselves for this walk. We had a couple of hours with him explaining some of his culture and the use of the various plants. He was lovely. It seems that every plant has several uses. There are some magnificent specimens of plants and trees.”Flora, Auckland

“Our Maori guide was passionate about sharing information and interested in answering all of our questions. My husband and I felt very honored to be able to learn about the history, vibrant living culture, and beautiful land of Tamaki Hikoi. We would recommend this to anyone (couple, family, etc.) traveling to the area.”Visitor, Iowa, USA

“We booked last minute and were fortunate to be a part of a fantastic learning experience. We participated in the Heaven and Earth Tour atop Maungawhau (Mt Eden). Jaime was our guide, and gave us a history of his Maori people in Auckland and their relationship to their lands.”Visitor, Oregon

“On our first day in New Zealand we chose to go on a two hour guided walk “Heaven to Earth on Mount Eden” offered by Tamaki Hikoi. It turned out to be one of the most interesting, uplifting and entertaining things we did on our trip around New Zealand. Our experience with Tamaki Hikoi was the real thing.”Thoughtful Traveler, Wisconsin USA