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"Really interesting. We had Tom, our Maori guide, all to ourselves for this walk. The most challenging thing was to find the museum in the park where the walk was to start. Signage isn't a strong point in New Zealand. Having met up with Tom, we had a couple of hours with him explaining some of his culture and the use of the various plants. He was lovely. It seems that every plant has several uses. There are some magnificent specimens of plants and trees. Unfortunately we didn't leave ourselves enough time to visit the museum but from the small bit we did see it would be worth a visit."


"Our Maori guide was passionate about sharing information and interested in answering all of our questions. My husband and I felt very honored to be able to learn about the history, vibrant living culture, and beautiful land of Tamaki Hikoi. We would recommend this to anyone (couple, family, etc.) traveling to the area."


"We did the sunrise experience and we are so glad for it! We learned about Maori culture, their past and present, we planted a tree and then enjoyed a delicious breakfast. Everyone was kind and friendly and we felt as if we were among family. This is an experience that every visitor to New Zealand should try!"

Mary R

"It's an amazing tour! great way to experience and understand the Maori culture. They have the best view of the mission bay. The Maori people in the tribe were very nice and good looking.^^ The sound of Maori music instrument plus the beautiful sunrise there will just make it the most memorable moments in NZ. A must see tour!"